Pet Vaccinations
Mount Dora


The veterinarians at Lake Veterinary Clinic will recommend a vaccination protocol that will fit your pet’s needs.

Our canine core vaccines are Rabies and Distemper / Adenovirus / Parvovirus / Leptospirosis / Coronavirus. Bordetella(kennel cough) and Lymes Disease vaccinations are available. Bordetella vaccines are often required by boarding facilities and groomers.

Our core feline vaccines are Rabies and Distemper/Rhinotracheitis/Calici/Chlamydia. Feline Leukemia is recommended for kittens and outdoor cats. We recommend feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus testing for kittens and all stray/new cats added to your household.

Pet Vaccinations in Mount Dora are not only safe and effective, they are important and fundamental aspect of your pet’s preventive health care plan. Vaccinations have made once fatal diseases easily preventable. Remember Rabies vaccines are required by the county and protect you pet and your family from a deadly disease.

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