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Patti Mosteller, Office Manager / Practice Co-OwnerPatti Mosteller, Office Manager/Practice Co-owner

Patti, who was born and raised in the Triangle Area, is the longest standing employee of Lake Veterinary Clinic. She has enthusiastically dedicated 30 years of her life to Lake Veterinary Clinic providing the utmost care of Lake County’s pets. Patti has also committed a large part of her career caring for many homeless strays and feral cats that roam our area. Patti has racked up countless hours over the years providing our clients and their pets the best quality of care and support possible. She also lends her support to the Leesburg Humane Society, as well as the Cat Protection Society, working diligently to provide medical care and find good homes for the numerous animals in need of a forever home.

In 2012 Patti became a co-owner of the practice. Her duties consist of managing all the employees within the practice, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, inventory control, assisting the veterinarians with medical treatment and surgeries, radiographs, and support to the clients and patients in the exam rooms.

Patti spends her spare time outside the clinic with her husband of 30 years, Greg, and her many, many pets at home. She also enjoys gardening and is an avid NASCAR fan. She travels to several different states each year in her quest to experience each and every track in NASCAR.

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Donna Meadors, Head Kennel Technician Donna Meadors, Head Kennel Technician

Donna has been a devoted and valuable employee at Lake Veterinary Clinic for 21 years. Donna not only manages the kennel & technicians, but works and covers every department in our clinic.

Donna has an unbelievable ability to bond a trusting relationship with all the animals she cares for. She can take a very scared or aggressive cat or dog and have it in her lap trusting her in just minutes. Her responsibilities include assisting veterinarians with diagnostic procedures and surgeries, x-rays, laboratory diagnostic testing, assisting owners & patients in exam rooms, managing the kennel and hospitalized patients.

Donna has truly dedicated a large portion of her life to provide the utmost care and love to our patients, as well as their owners. In her spare time, Donna enjoys boating, going to the beach, gardening and spending time with her family & pets.

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Karin McNeil, Front Desk Receptionist Karin McNeil, Front Desk Receptionist

Karin is a long time employee at Lake Veterinary Clinic, where she has devoted the past 15 years to our practice. Karin has worked in all areas of our clinic as well as doing our weekend checks and treatments for many years. She has proven to be a dependable asset to our organization and a lasting member of our Lake Veterinary family.

Her duties include front desk reception, providing support & education to our clients, recordkeeping, admissions of surgical patients, assisting in exam rooms & kennel support when needed.

On her time outside the clinic, Karin is currently enrolled in Ashford University, an online college. Karin also enjoys spending time with her 2 sons, Nicholas and Preston as well as her many cats. She is an avid Florida Gator fan, participates in her sons football league and enjoys the beach.

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Jo-Ann Grillo, Front Desk Receptionist Jo-Ann Grillo, Front Desk Receptionist

Jo-Ann has been an employee with Lake Veterinary Clinic for 14 years.

Jo-Ann and her husband (John) were at the clinic every Saturday morning with their many dogs and cats. We finally decided to just offer her a job since she already spent a lot of her time at the clinic. She has been with us ever since.

Jo-Ann is a receptionist at the front desk, her duties include front desk receptions, provides support & education to our clients, record keeping and admissions of surgical patients.

Outside the clinic, Jo-Ann spends time with her husband and many family members. She is very devoted to her grandchildren spending as much quality time as she can with them. She also enjoys drag racing and attends some NASCAR races.

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Denise Spilliard, "Our Girl Friday" Denise Spilliard, “Our Girl Friday”

Denise has been with our practice for 8 years, joyfully humming and singing everyday. Denise is a personal friend of Patti’s, our Office Manager, for 50 years. She was hired part-time on the weekends to stock and clean the clinic. Her duties grew into doing anything we needed her to do or get for us. She also runs all of the errands for the practice.

She also keeps us stocked with supplies, and our stomachs full of snacks. Outside her time spent at the clinic, Denise spends a valuable amount of time providing assistance at her church, First Baptist of Mount Dora, where she has been a member her whole life. She devotes an untimely amount of her energy caring for and spending time with her elderly friends.

Denise also enjoys going to the beach, taking care of her husband and two sons, as well as caring for her dogs, Tank and Buddy, and a cat Summer.

Lake Veterinary Clinic

Mary Mancillas, Veterinary Technician Mary Mancillas, Veterinary Technician

Mary has been a very beneficial member of our team at Lake Veterinary Clinic for 9 years. Mary is Dr. Weber’s niece and came to work for us as a part-time Kennel Tech. She quickly developed her love and skills for the animals she cared for and advanced to become a full-time Veterinary Technician.

She has earned her AA & AS degree from St. Petersburg Junior College with honors, as well as completing the Veterinary Technician Program. Her duties include treatment & support of patients and their owners in the exam rooms, product education to owners, assisting veterinarians with patients in the exam rooms, laboratory diagnostic testing, x-rays, pharmacy, front desk duties, all computer programs & activities and assisting our office manager with clerical duties for the practice.

Mary is a devoted and responsible member of our team, always offering to do extra during and after operating hours. She spends her life outside the clinic with her husband, dogs (“JarJar” & Ed) and her cats. She also enjoys, in her spare time, spending time with her family & friends, working out at the gym, shopping, being a Si-Fi fanatic and going to Disney!

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Phyllis Keenan, Telephone Receptionist

Phyllis Keenan, Telephone Receptionist

Phyllis has spent the last 6 years with our practice bringing laughter and professionalism to our clients over the telephone. She shows deep compassionate concern for our clients and for the care their pet(s) receive. Phyllis is a valuable part of our practice.

Her duties include answering the telephone, handling prescriptions, scheduling surgeries, clerical duties to assist the office manager, preparing health certificates, and assisting the front desk girls.

Outside her time spent at the clinic Phyllis is an avid gardener, loves to shop, and is a dedicated fan of NASCAR . . . Tony Stewart to be specific. Phyllis and Patti travel to many states experiencing the different NASCAR tracks and races. She also loves spending time with her children, grandchildren, and many calico cats.

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Allison Riley, Front Desk Receptionist Allison Riley, Front Desk Receptionist

Allison is a 5 year veteran of Lake Veterinary Clinic. Even though she is young, she started learning the compassion for veterinary care by starting her career here at the age of 15. Allison started working after school part-time, and after graduation became a full-time team member.

She is a natural with animals, having grown up with all kinds her whole life. She also learned the satisfaction & accomplishment you feel from helping with the needs and care for our patients and shelter animals.

Allison recently graduated from Umatilla High School where she was a member of the FFA, and completed the Veterinary Technician Program provided by the high school.

Outside the clinic she is devoted to her family and friends. She enjoys boating, horseback riding and anything to do with the outdoors. She also cares for her pets, a variety of dogs & cats.

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John Weber, Veterinary Technician John Weber, Veterinary Technician

John has been employed with Lake veterinary clinic for the past 5 years, but has been a fixture with the practice for 23 years since he is the son of Dr. John Weber. John started out as a kennel Technician and quickly transitioned to assisting in the exam rooms with the clients, patients and veterinarians. John has a natural love for the animals partially due to being surrounded his whole life by animals of all kinds.

He has graduated from Florida State College, Jacksonville, Florida with an Associates Degree in Aviation Operations. John also graduated October 2013 from Everglades University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management. John’s duties include treatment and support of patients and their owners in the exam rooms, product education to owners, assisting veterinarians with patients in the exam rooms, laboratory diagnostic testing, x-rays & pharmacy.

John is a devoted and reliable team member. He is committed to the quality care that Lake Veterinary Clinic provides to its clients and patients. In his spare time John enjoys reading, video games, Sci-Fi, water sports, and aviation.

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Laura Guerrero, Kennel Technician

Laura Guerrero, Kennel Technician

Laura has been a great addition to our Lake Veterinary Clinic family for the past 2 years. She comes to us with many years of experience in the animal field. She started her career with animals in New Jersey for 2 years before coming to Florida. She continued her love for animals at a veterinary practice in Apopka, Florida for 8 years until we were able to include her in our practice.

She shows an overwhelming amount of patience & compassion with all of our patients, day-in & day-out , making her a great asset and valuable team member. Her duties include the everyday care of all our in-hospital animals, assisting veterinarians with diagnostic procedures and surgeries, x-rays, laboratory diagnostic testing, and assists in exam rooms.

In her time outside the practice, she enjoys spending time with her husband, son and many pets. She also devotes a lot of time bottle feeding squirrels & orphaned puppies and kittens.

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Jessica Jones, Front Desk Reception / Veterinary Technician

Jessica Jones, Front Desk Receptionist/ Veterinary Technician

Jessica has been with us for 1 ½ years. Previous to this she came to us as a volunteer to learn about the veterinary field. Her passionate desire to learn about veterinary medicine and animal care earned her a full-time position with our team.

Jessica attended Lake Sumter Community College, in Leesburg Florida and Stetson University, in Deland Florida where she earned an AA degree. Her love for animals led her to St. Petersburg Junior College where she is currently enrolled in the Certified Veterinary Technician Program. Lake Veterinary Clinic

California 004Ashley McNealy, Front Desk Receptionist

Meet our newest employee here at Lake Veterinary Clinic:  Ashley McNealy. She started with us in December 2013. In this short period of time Ashley has proven to be a great asset as a receptionist at our front desk. Her very vibrant personality, happy demeanor, and her great smile make our clients feel very comfortable with her. She not only as a great memory of our clients and their pets, but she also leaves a lasting impression that leads them to remember her. We are very excited to have Ashley represent our practice. Her duties include client reception, record keeping, checking in surgeries, and client education.

When Ashley is not at work she shares her spare time with her boyfriend and their two dogs. They enjoy motorcycling together and experiencing short travel adventures.

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