Ruth Rowley and Wolfgang (Pet of the Month – June 2014)


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Mrs. Rowley is the longest devoted client of Lake Veterinary Clinic. She became a client back in 1962 (52 years ago)! At that time, Dr. Hartsfield, who established our practice, was one of only 2 or 3 veterinarians in the Lake County area. Ruth and her husband raised cattle and had always had dogs. This began her long relationship with our clinic. Over the years Ruth has rescued many dogs of all ages (both young and old) that needed homes. A total of 16 dogs throughout the many years have found refuge within the Rowley home: “Chi Chi, Slim, Mickey, Pookie, Bucky, Blackie, Pat, Beau Beau, Willie, Jezibel, Sam, Amos, Andy, Spotza, Pebbles,” and of course, her current dog “Wolfgang.” Several of these dogs were older shelter dogs that she adopted to give them a fulfilling life for the time they had left in this world. Mrs. Rowley gave them everything they needed, both medically and physically. It was because of the love and care she gave them that many of them lived to be very old. This is quite a list, but it does not stop there.

This leads us to the present day with Wolfgang. Wolfgang was brought to our clinic from the Leesburg Humane Society. Wolfie, as she calls him, was in desperate need of a home, but he was a little hyper for most. We called Ruth, who at the time we knew had been looking for her next pet and new friend. She came to see him and said “if he needs a home, then he will have a home with me.” He has been quite the handful for Ruth, but she loves him none the less. He has probably been her biggest challenge to date.

Mrs. Rowley, at the age of 92, still travels from her home in Fruitland Park to come to our clinic for her pet’s care. She is devoted to them and offers her pets everything that is necessary for a happy and healthy life. For this we at Lake Veterinary Clinic praise and admire her for the love she shows her pets and the love she has shown all of us for so many, many years.

We love you Ruth and Wolfie!!

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