Rusty & Molly

Meet the Booth Family


Beverly, Gary and their two dogs Molly and Rusty

 They are our client and pets of the month for May 2014. The Booth’s have been clients of Lake Veterinary Clinic since the 1980’s. They have opened their hearts and home to past dogs such as “Lucky” a mixed breed, “Hope” a Border Collie, and “Jacob” a Shepherd mix.

This brief story starts with “Rusty” on August 19, 2005. Gary and Beverly acquired “Rusty” in August of 2005, from that point on a numerous list of illnesses began. As a puppy he started with a cough and lung issues that sent the Booth’s to Florida Veterinary Specialists in Tampa for treatment. This was followed by routine skin and ear problems. Then in November of 2011, they found themselves at the University of Florida School of Veterinary Medicine for treatment and chemotherapy of a malignant melanoma that had been removed from “Rusty’s” mouth.      Throughout all of this he has battled both food allergies, and studies have since provided “Rusty” with prescription diet pet food.

If this is not enough, we still have “Molly.” In 2006 “Molly” was acquired by the Leesburg Humane Society and was brought to our clinic for treatment and spaying. Of course, this breed of dog is not that common and we immediately called the Booth’s since they had just gotten “Rusty,” another Irish Terrier. Being the animal people they are, they came and adopted “Molly.” She did not come without her fair share of medical problems as well. Bouts of pancreatitis, liver issues, and routine skin and food allergies also. Due to the exceptional care and treatment Gary and Beverly have given to “Rusty” and “Molly” they have been able to overcome many obstacles to provide them with a happy and fulfilled dog’s life.

Thank you for being such a valued client for so many years!

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