Animal Stories – January 2015 “Tipiteau” Drescher

Our story began November 3rd, 2013.    An employee from the Cat Protection Society called us on a Sunday afternoon, desperate for help for a dog they had found in the woods.  We were presented with a critical dog that was unresponsive, unable to stand, subnormal temperature, severely dehydrated,  anemic, numerous wounds to body and legs and emaciated from lack of food. This small sheltie was very close to death.

Immediately our work began, with Dr. Laura Fisher and  our techs performing numerous treatment regimens, as well as supportive care to cover all of this dogs issues.  Diagnostics showed signs of organ failure, severe anemia, bacterial infections as well as a heart murmer.  We knew that it would be a touch and go situation to try to save him.  We worked for 3 weeks with continual  treatment, with each day showing improvement and signs of becoming a normal dog again.  We were all delightfully surprised to see how well he responded to treatment.

At this time, the Cat Protection Society  is beginning to wonder what they’re  going to do with the dog. They knew they  would need to find him a home. But how?  NO PROBLEM!! we told them, we have the perfect family.  Our contracted maintenance man, Bob & his wife Linda, have always had shelties and we knew they would be a perfect fit. And, they were!!  Our “stray” sheltie who initially weighed 11 lbs and was close to death, is now “Tipiteau” a 27 lb. handsome and healthy sheltie who is living in a loving home where he is spoiled rotten.

This success story is very rewarding to us. Our doctors and staff are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help all of our patients.  Every time we see “Tipiteau” we just say WOW!! What a difference 1 year makes. Thank you  to the Cat Protection Society for rescuing this animal in need and contributing to his well being.  Thank you to Bob  & Linda for providing this once neglected and helpless “stray” a wonderful  fulllfilling home.


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