Two sisters looking for a home

These two sisters belong to a very long time client of ours (over 40 years). We are hoping to help her get them adopted together.

Their owner is being moved to an assisted living facility and is unable to take all of her cats with her. Her family has been urgently looking for someone to take two of the cats. If you know of anyone who would be interested in adopting these sisters, please reach out to Debbie at the number listed below:

Sassy, all black, and Sky, smokey grey. The two sisters were born May 7, 2014. Both are spayed and declawed. Their 94 year old Mom is going into assisted living and these sweet babies need a need a loving home. These girls are beautiful, fun, and loving. As the daughter of their Mom, I would love these precious girls, but my husband is quite ill with lung cancer.
Please contact me, Debbie, at 334-618-1178 at anytime if you want to give these two a safe and loving home. Hopefully, they will stay together to save them some of the trauma of moving to a new home and saying “good bye” to their Mom. They have been with her since just babies of eight weeks. Mom would take them with her, but she is not allowed at the assisted living facility. She is worried about their well being.

Thanks to anyone willing to give them a home,