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“LEXIE” – 13 year old pitbull survives attack

IMG950292Lexi and Mr. Krull

Lexie’s story begins on July 23rd, when her owner came home from a trip and found her laying on her side unable to get up with large multiple lacerations to her body. Her owners immediately rushed her to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic of Central Florida in Leesburg to get her help. It was obvious she had been attacked by something (???) and that infection was already spreading throughout the body as well as tissues to vital organs such as the lungs.

Just so you can get a mental picture of how bad Lexie was, the following statement were the physical exam notes from the Emergency Clinic.

PHYSICAL EXAM: Quiet, depressed, responsive. Patient was laterally recumbent on right side. Multiple lacerations over body. Right elbow swollen and painful, feels mildly warm to the touch. Small lacerations lateral right elbow. Two large adjacent lacerations with skin flaps (approximately 5″ across each) over caudel dorsal neck with muscle bellies exposed and damaged. Approximately 3 inch laceration over lateral left shoulder with muscle bellies exposed and damaged. Approximately 1″ laceration over left lateral mid thorax. Approximately 1.25 laceration over right lateral stifle. Necrotic tissue present at all wound sites.

Now with this in mind remember Lexie is 13 years old, pretty old for a large dog, but her owners never gave up on saving her. Diagnostics and emergency treatment began that night, she was then transferred to our clinic for continued treatment. At this time, even with everything that we can do for her, the prognosis for her survival was still poor. For the next three days her owner (Mr.Krull) brought Lexie to our clinic every morning at 8:00 A.M.  Each day we carried her in on a stretcher and immediately began I.V. fluids, pain medications, antibiotics and wound bandaging throughout the day. Mr. Krull then would pick her up at 5:00 P.M. to take her home where he could monitor her through the night, returning the next morning to do it again. Lexie slowly showed signs of improvement. After that  her visits went to every two to three days, then to once a week for the next five weeks.


Lexie’s wounds had to heal and close on their own, her heart and lungs were in no condition to undergo anesthesia and suturing. As of her last visit on August 28th her wounds have almost healed and we have her heart and lungs fairly stable. Lexie looks great and is feeling much better. She actually looks happy to come in and see us. Lexie reached all of our hearts with her gentle demeanor and her will to live. She let us do anything to her and never gave us any trouble at all, she knew we were trying to help her.

All of us here at Lake Veterinary Clinic truly believe her survival was possible due in part by the treatment and care from Dr. Thomas Oakes and to the dedication and timeless efforts Lexie’s owner (Mr.Krull) devoted to her care. Mr. Krull followed all of Dr. Oakes instructions and returned for every re-check as asked. Mr.Krull also assisted us with her treatment by bandaging wounds daily and administering medications at home. Without his love and dedication, she might not have made it. We all worked very hard to save her.

Lexie is doing good at this time and she makes our day happy when we see her walk in and wag her tail as she greets us. Thank you Dr. Oakes for your care and treatment, and thank you Mr. Krull for giving Lexie every opportunity available to help her survive this ordeal. She is a great dog!!

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