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COVID-19 Phase 1 Reopening Update

Important Updates for
COVID-19 Procedures
Updated Tuesday June 16, 2020

Due to increased cases of COVID-19 reported throughout the state over the last few weeks, we have found it necessary to continue to operate with limitations until further notice. While we understand this decision may impose an inconvenience, the continued safety and health of our clients and staff will remain a priority to us here at Lake Veterinary Clinic.
To carry on our efforts of supporting social distancing and capacity limitations we will continue to apply the following rules:

Check-in procedures:
1) Surgeries and examinations will line up outside the front door on the designated ground markers to maintain social distancing.
2) Clients will be instructed when to enter the lobby to register a patient for treatment.
3) Emergencies – please try to call ahead for arrangements and instructions.

Lobby and exam room procedures:
1) Only 1 client will be allowed to enter the office with their pet(s) for treatments or procedures. (Limited exceptions will apply – such as euthanasia)
2) There will be a limit of 2 pets per day.
3) There will be a total of 3 clients allowed in the exam rooms and 7 clients in the waiting room at any time.
4) Overflow will have to wait outside, in their vehicle, or until space is available in the lobby.
5) Check out procedures will be completed in the exam to limit the number of people at the back counter.
6) Clients and patients for examinations will enter and exit through the front door only.

Pharmacy procedures:
1) We request you call 24 hours in advance to order your prescriptions and food.
2) To pick up prescriptions and food please line up outside the side (exit) door on the designated ground markers to maintain social distancing.
3) Clients will be instructed by a staff member when it is their turn to enter the pharmacy door for pick up.

Due to the limitations in place, wait times may be longer during this time. Critically sick, emergency, and euthanasia patients may be seen prior to routine visit patients. Due to these restrictions, please allow extra time for service.

We here at Lake Veterinary Clinic want to express our number one priority is for the safety and health of our clients and staff. Therefore, we would like to thank everyone for your continued patience and understanding through this difficult time.

Thank you and stay safe!
The Doctors and Staff at Lake Veterinary Clinic

February is National Cat Health Month

The month of February has been designated as National Cat Health Month.  We all love our furry felines and want them to be healthy 12 months out of the year. The following helpful tips will go a long way in keeping your kitties healthy and happy.

1. Have your pet checked yearly by a veterinarian and make sure all vaccinations are up-to-date.

2. Prevent your cat from becoming obese. Obesity can lead to other health issues such as diabetes. Special diet prescription foods are available if a veterinarian suggests that your cat needs to shed a few pounds.

3. Good dental health is important. Cats can have loose, decayed or infected teeth that may cause pain and lead to other health problems. An occasional teeth cleaning might be recommended. If so, your cat will be sedated for the procedure.

4. Keep your cat safe by keeping him indoors at night, and away from any toxic cleaning products or plants.

If you notice any unusual behavior or tiredness, it would be advisable to have your cat examined by a veterinarian. Our kitties can live a long, healthy life with a little tender loving care and annual check-ups.

Two sisters looking for a home

These two sisters belong to a very long time client of ours (over 40 years). We are hoping to help her get them adopted together.

Their owner is being moved to an assisted living facility and is unable to take all of her cats with her. Her family has been urgently looking for someone to take two of the cats. If you know of anyone who would be interested in adopting these sisters, please reach out to Debbie at the number listed below:

Sassy, all black, and Sky, smokey grey. The two sisters were born May 7, 2014. Both are spayed and declawed. Their 94 year old Mom is going into assisted living and these sweet babies need a need a loving home. These girls are beautiful, fun, and loving. As the daughter of their Mom, I would love these precious girls, but my husband is quite ill with lung cancer.
Please contact me, Debbie, at 334-618-1178 at anytime if you want to give these two a safe and loving home. Hopefully, they will stay together to save them some of the trauma of moving to a new home and saying “good bye” to their Mom. They have been with her since just babies of eight weeks. Mom would take them with her, but she is not allowed at the assisted living facility. She is worried about their well being.

Thanks to anyone willing to give them a home,

Meet Moon Shadow

Moon Shadow

Moon Shadow

Moon Shadow is a gorgeous charcoal-colored female cat with medium-length fur. She is approximately 1 year old, and was rescued from the Hobby Lobby parking lot. She’s been tested, vaccinated & spayed. There is a $25 adoption fee that goes to The Cat Protection Society. Please call Patti at 352-735-6047. 


Check back soon for our pet of the month!

Animal Stories – January 2015 “Tipiteau” Drescher

Our story began November 3rd, 2013.    An employee from the Cat Protection Society called us on a Sunday afternoon, desperate for help for a dog they had found in the woods.  We were presented with a critical dog that was unresponsive, unable to stand, subnormal temperature, severely dehydrated,  anemic, numerous wounds to body and legs and emaciated from lack of food. This small sheltie was very close to death.

Immediately our work began, with Dr. Laura Fisher and  our techs performing numerous treatment regimens, as well as supportive care to cover all of this dogs issues.  Diagnostics showed signs of organ failure, severe anemia, bacterial infections as well as a heart murmer.  We knew that it would be a touch and go situation to try to save him.  We worked for 3 weeks with continual  treatment, with each day showing improvement and signs of becoming a normal dog again.  We were all delightfully surprised to see how well he responded to treatment.

At this time, the Cat Protection Society  is beginning to wonder what they’re  going to do with the dog. They knew they  would need to find him a home. But how?  NO PROBLEM!! we told them, we have the perfect family.  Our contracted maintenance man, Bob & his wife Linda, have always had shelties and we knew they would be a perfect fit. And, they were!!  Our “stray” sheltie who initially weighed 11 lbs and was close to death, is now “Tipiteau” a 27 lb. handsome and healthy sheltie who is living in a loving home where he is spoiled rotten.

This success story is very rewarding to us. Our doctors and staff are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help all of our patients.  Every time we see “Tipiteau” we just say WOW!! What a difference 1 year makes. Thank you  to the Cat Protection Society for rescuing this animal in need and contributing to his well being.  Thank you to Bob  & Linda for providing this once neglected and helpless “stray” a wonderful  fulllfilling home.


Gift Cards Available

This is the first year we are offering our new “gift card” for purchase. It makes a great holiday gift for your friends and loved ones with pets, and they are available in the amount of your choice. Stop by today and pick one up.


Baby Sandhill Crane Rescued

Each day is a different day here at Lake Veterinary Clinic. We never know what kind of situation might come through the front door.  Yesterday, our front desk receptionist Jo-Ann Grillo rescued a baby Sandhill crane that had been hit by a car. With the help of some other concerned animal lovers who helped slow traffic down, and protect her from the baby’s parents, she was able to scoop him up and bring him in for care.


He suffered a broken leg, but Dr. Pryor was able to do surgery and pin it. Now we’ll wait to see how he recovers.

photo (97)

We predominantly treat household pets, but every once in awhile someone rescues a wild animal which provides us with a new challenge.


Specials on Frontline products for the month of May

Special rebates are available on Frontline products for the month of May.

RECEIVE A $25 REBATE when you buy 6 doses of Heartgard brand products and 6 doses of NexGard Flea & Tick Control chewable tablets.


RECEIVE A $50 REBATE when you buy 12 doses of Heartgard brand products and 6 doses of NexGard Flea & Tick Control chewable tablets.

photo (94)photo (93)

 NexGard Flea & Tick Control chewable tablets are the first and only, prescription-only soft, beef-flavored chew that kills fleas AND ticks. Read more about this new and easy-to-administer product below:

photo (95)

Important Note:  A rebate form must be completed and mailed to Frontline to receive the rebate.


Two Kittens Looking for a Home

These 2 kittens have been adopted. Please check our listings for other kittens/cats or give us a call at 735-6047 to see what is available. Thanks.

photo (91)photo (90) It’s kitten time, and we’ve got two adorable babies in search of a forever home. These two cuties belong to mama cat that we posted on Friday. The female is solid black, while the male is solid gray. A $25 adoption fee goes to The Cat Protection Society and covers vaccines and spaying or neutering. Call Patti at 735-6047 if you’re interested.

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