Diagnostic Testing

Lake Veterinary Clinic

Lake Veterinary Clinic provides state of the art diagnostic testing.

Various tests are used to determine the cause of your pet’s illness. We are able to take radiographs(X-rays). Radiographs help us get a look at the inside of your pet. This helps with fractures of the bones, evaluating organ size ie. heart, kidney liver, checking for foreign bodies your pet may have ingested. We are also able to detect signs of pneumonia and other lung abnormalities. After 45 days of gestation, we can tell how many puppies or kittens your pet is expecting. These are only a few ways radiographs help to diagnose your pet’s disease.

Our veterinary hospital provides in-house blood work. This includes:

  • CBC (complete blood cell count)
  • Chemistry profile
  • Thyroid levels
  • ACTH Stimulation Test (pre and post cortisol levels)
  • Bile acid tests(pre and post)

In house microsopy is used to evaluate fecal samples for various gastrointestinal parasites. We also are able to check skin scrapings for various dermatologic diseases caused by mites, fungi or bacteria.

Lake Veterinary Clinic uses SNAP ELISA tests to check for heartworm disease, feline leukemia, and feline immunodefiency virus.

We use IDEXX labs for any referral testing that is requesting. IDEXX provides a full range of diagnostic testing we are unable to perform at our clinic.

Lake Veterinary Clinic is commited to providing quality veterinary care to your pets. Sometimes additional testing is needed to aid in diagnosing your pet’s illness.

We strive to provide convenient service with our in-house testing coupled with access to more advanced diagnostics through IDEXX. This combination helps us to effectively manage and treat your pet’s disease as quickly and thoroughy as possible.